About Us

Tweak Imagination is known in the industry for thinking out of the box, presenting fresh approaches to creative discussions. Tweak Imagination works with your creative team to offer innovative and dynamic ways to realize an existing idea, or trail blaze new directions. We take pride in our ears, which are wide open to creative discussion, always trying to bring to life the vision of art directors and creative minds. Client happiness and comfort zone are elements of relationships we strive for. When the game is important, it's good to know you can pass the ball to someone who is in the huddle, has heard the play, has the hands to catch the ball and the legs to run with it.

And someone who is not too shy to pop a football analogy into a creative business discussion.

That's Tweak Imagination! We're team players.

When to call in Tweak —

  • When you have a client who wants to see themselves as a cartoon character delivering a peptalk to their sales force.
  • When you have a campaign that makes use of hand drawn elements, or fully rendered paintings, or animation and artwork that is delivered by the computer, but is executed by ink on paper for that traditional way cool look.
  • When you need a little bounce to interstitials, linking segments, titles, or a fully realized animated Western complete with talking tumbleweeds.