Broadcast Commercial Work

Tweak Imagination specializes in animation — making your ideas MOVE. We employ traditional animation techniques — not computer generated — for that hand drawn feel. From script to screen, Tweak can handle your needs.

Our past projects include work for Jordan's Furniture, Hyperion, Swiss Re, and Vistavox Entertainment, to name a few.


Original Series

Utilizing Tweak's in-house production capabilities, from script to screen we produced this series episode for VistaVox Entertainment.


Client-Concept Animation

Often clients have great ideas for animated projects but lack the in-house studio to bring the ideas to the screen.

Tweak Imagination can work with you to animate your project into a concept reel suitable for taking it to the next level of pitching to a network or production company.

Web-Based Promotional Videos

The world now revolves around the web, and promoting your ideas or products online with unique visuals is often the difference between being ignored or grabbing attention.

Tweak Imagination can give your product or service the visual presence to be competitive on-line.

Whiteboard Animations

Whiteboard animation offers a unique spin on whiteboard presentations. Using traditional animation techniques, Tweak creates whiteboards that move to the clients needs.

In this age of wordy and technical presentations, Tweak's whiteboard animation keeps content moving and kinetic.

Children's Storybook Animations

Authors of children's books often wish to take their creations one step further into the world of animation, either as a promotional step, or as a pitch of their characters as a children's series.

Tweak Imagination can help authors of all genre to visualize their books with movement, be it bouncing alligators or swirling typhoons.

Corporate Web-Based Training Videos

Often employees absorb technical data and new business strategies easier when provided with a visual. Tweak can take your content text and give it life.

Walt Disney once said: "If you want to educate, you must first entertain."

Hand-Drawn Animation

Tweak Imagination can create hand-drawn animations for multiple applications such as Client-Concept Animation, Corporate Web-Based Training Videos, Web-Based Promotional Videos, Children's Storybook Animations, Animated Emails & Web-Based Banners, Whiteboard Animation and Commercial Broadcast Animation.

Contact us at Tweak Imagination for more details and information on how our animation services may benefit your project needs.

Animated Emails & Web-Based Banners

Need to amp up an email campaign or add punch to web-based banners?

Tweak Imagination can create moving emails that arrest the eye, and banners that attract customers to your content.


Projects take on another dimension with the introduction of storyboards. Whether to help entice a client by providing a visual to an already compelling script, or detailing camera angles and action for a motion picture project, storyboards are a vital component to visual presentation.

Tweak Imagination have provided storyboards for companies such as Nickelodeon, Fox Family, Cramer Productions, Blink Creative, Brainshark, Vistavox Entertainment, as well as projects for Nick Movies, Swiss Re, Pepsico Canada, Nationwide and First Brands.

Miniature Environments

There are times when special effects miniatures are needed, and Tweak Imagination knows how to build them. From full, three dimensional camera ready miniatures to reduced scale scenic environments and virtual settings, Tweak has done it all.

Our past projects include work for Cramer Productions and Vistavox Entertainment for whom we built an entire miniature house/set interior for the series The Green House, including reduced scale television cameras, lighting rig and related equipment.